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Privacy policy

1. for the purpose of processing personal information for the purposes of the processing of personal information in the following order, and then is not used for purposes other than the purpose of.
-Make sure the doctor, customers sign up customers in the service offerings for the personal identification in accordance with certification, maintain membership. Management, due to the amount of payment for the goods or services supplied, the supply of goods or services. shipping

2. the processing and retention period of personal information
when you collect your personal information from the subject agree the information personal or private information in accordance with the framework in this period hold hold, handle personal information within the duration of the use of the Christian Council of Korea/China.
② the specific privacy and retention periods are as follows:
☞ Please note that the examples under the privacy and personal information handling services, such as on the basis of the relevant laws and regulations, and the retention period.
(Eg)-customer sign up and join the management of the service use agreement or membership: instruction, not just bonds, anything that increases the residual debt relationship: the relationship between debt settlement bonds until the Christian Council
Cancellation of the contract in a few Western European e-commerce, payment, goods supply record: 5 years

3. information on principals and how to exercise those rights and duties of the Attorney-in-fact, and written information as to exercise the following rights.
① information the tv camp x at any time to exercise the following privacy-related rights.
1. request perusal of personal information
2. If you have the correct requirements errors
3. delete requirements
4. processing the stop request

4. write the items of personal information handling
, then the items of personal information.
1 < > contact us online order and
-Essential items: e-mail, cell phone number, name, company telephone number, company name, country
-Optional items: writing leave

5. of disposal of personal information (' SEUNG JIN PRECISION CO., LTD. ') is, in principle, if the purpose of the privacy has been achieved without delay destroy the personal information. Destruction procedures, deadlines and methods are as follows.
-Destruction procedures
After achieving the purpose of the information entered by users in a separate DB are translated to (in the case of a separate paper documents) in accordance with its internal policy, and other related laws and regulations after the are stored for a period of time or will be destroyed immediately. This personal information will be transferred to the DB, when under the law unless it is not used for other purposes.
-Destruction deadlines
Personal information personal information retention period has elapsed, if the retention period end date the handling of personal information within five (5) calendar days from the end, and that end of the business, such that the service, the abolition of personal information unnecessarily, and processing of your personal information when it is unnecessary from the day that personal information within five (5) calendar days.

6. automatic collection of personal information regarding the installation of the device • operating and deny
Use of the subject information TIB camp x to store information from time to time ' cookies ' are not used.

7. write the privacy officer
① SEUNG JIN PRECISION CO., LTD is (are) our work, collectively responsible for handling personal information, and information relating to personal data processing and the subject's complaint handling and damage remedies to designated privacy officer as described below.
privacy officer
Name: Yoon Tae Jung
Contact: 010-8524-4162,
* Personal information protection department.

Privacy Department
Department name:Management
Attn: Park Ji-ho
Contact: 010-5489-3384,
② information can SEUNG JIN PRECISION CO., LTD. If you use the service (or business) Please keep in mind that all privacy-related inquiries, occurred in complaint handling, damage remedies regarding the personal data (Privacy) officer and your Department, you can contact us. SF Hy-world is (are) the subject's answers and treatment without delay about the contact.

8. privacy policy changes
① This privacy policy applies from the date of enforcement, according to the laws and policy changes are added, deleted, and if you have the correct changes will be enforced seven days ago, will be notified.

9. personal safety measures of the SEUNG JIN PRECISION CO., LTD is as follows: in my privacy laws needed to ensure safety 29 trillion technical/administrative and physical measures.
1. conducting regular self audits
Privacy-related stability for periodic (quarterly) conducts its own audit.
2. minimize and training of employees handling personal information
We treat personal information is limited to employees and staff to manage your personal information by minimizing measures.
3. establishment of internal management planning and implementation
In order to secure treatment of your personal information to establish an internal management plan.
4. the technical measures against hacking
SEUNG JIN PRECISION CO., LTD. is hacking or computer viruses, etc., of personal information to prevent spills and undermine security programs installed and accessible from outside a periodic renewal and checks and install the system in a controlled area and technical/physical surveillance and interception.
5. personal information encryption
Personal information of the user password is encrypted and stored and managed, and only you can know important data files and encrypt the data or file-locking capabilities to transfer, such as using separate security feature is enabled.
6. tamper-proof archiving of records and access
A record of the personal information handling system access for at least 6 months storage, management, and access records to prevent theft, loss, falsification, and security features.
7. limited access to your personal information
Processing of personal information for access permissions granted to the database system, change, cancellation of access to the personal information by means of the necessary measures in order to control and use an invasion blocking system to control the unauthorized access from the outside.
8. use the document for security lock
Personal documents, such as a secondary storage medium to be kept in a safe place and lockable. 9. biingaja for access control Personal information is kept physically separate from the place that kept this establishes procedures for access control, operation of the vehicle.

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